50 Years Later: Nostra Aetate


On October 28, 1965, the Second Vatican Council, also known as Vatican II, released a declaration on the Catholic church’s relationship to non-Christian religions.  It was a groundbreaking and still-relevant declaration on interfaith engagement and relationship across lines of religious difference.  This should be no surprise, since nostra aetate means “in our time” in Latin.

You might wonder why I care about this, since I am not Catholic. As my friend Zuzu can attest, I am only about a stutter step at any given moment from Catholicism, and Vatican II is a major part of that.  I have never come across a more generous and loving document made by a gathering of religious people.  That fact, along with the fact that this document was written literally fifty years ago amidst a world filled with a desire for revolution, leads me to take some time to explore this document and its…

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