About J Robert Eagan


J Robert Eagan has an MA in Theology & Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary and is a teacher, writer, and activator working to encourage people to move beyond tolerance and into relationships across lines of religious and cultural difference.  He is the author of Of Strangers & Enemies: A Pathway to Peace for Jews, Christians, & Muslims, released March of 2016 (for more click Of Strangers & Enemies).  JRE is married to his wife Jessey, and lives with her and their two kids – Obi and Guinny – in Lakewood, CO.

JRE is the cofounder of SE7EN FAST, which is a national event designed to get non-Muslims and Muslims into the same room to break bread together in the name of peace and relationships.  Visit se7enfast.com to find out more and to get involved.

JRE also hosts a monthly/bi-monthly podcast called Frienemies, in which he has conversations with people from various religious backgrounds about their faith and how that informs their understanding of the other.

Since 2011, JRE has been teaching Christians, from Maryland to California, new ways to create bridges with Muslims and to learn how to replace fear with love in relationships with Muslims in our communities.  For more information on J Robert Eagan, visit jroberteagan.com


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