Dressing Up

This morning, our daughter woke us up with a tinge of sadness in her voice. “I needed to wear brown to school today and I don’t have any brown”, she said. Thankfully, our son had a brown shirt (that was also clean) and the crisis was averted. Read the rest of the story on Medium.com

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Reciprocity: The Foundation of Dialogical Friendships

This story is excerpted from my 2016 book Of Strangers & Enemies, pp. 165–170. A dialogical friendship is a reciprocal relationship that is mutually life changing and life giving. Let me unpack that sentence a little further. A dialogical friendship gives and receives; that’s what we call reciprocity or a reciprocal relationship. This is unnatural… Continue reading Reciprocity: The Foundation of Dialogical Friendships


50 Years Later: Nostra Aetate

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On October 28, 1965, the Second Vatican Council, also known as Vatican II, released a declaration on the Catholic church’s relationship to non-Christian religions.  It was a groundbreaking and still-relevant declaration on interfaith engagement and relationship across lines of religious difference.  This should be no surprise, since nostra aetate means “in…


Better Animals: The (Un)Natural Necessity of Heroic Engagement

This article originally appeared in Extranewsfeed.com One afternoon a while back, I was walking to work when I felt something on my sock. It felt like a tug, the kind you might feel when walking past a bush or a branch on the ground. I reached down without looking to brush away the feeling, at… Continue reading Better Animals: The (Un)Natural Necessity of Heroic Engagement