Peacemaking as Counter-Protest

This post originally appeared on Extranewsfeed.com On Saturday, June 10, an anti-Muslim, non-profit organization called Act for America is encouraging people in various places throughout the United States to participate in a “March Against Sharia”. Act for America would balk at being called anti-Muslim. They claim they are working to confront terrorism, empowering women and… Continue reading Peacemaking as Counter-Protest

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A Bizzaro Birthday: Ageism & A Congolese Refugee

I celebrated the 35th anniversary of the day of my birth yesterday. If by ‘celebrated’ I mean I drove an hour to a church in Lakewood to teach a class, met a refugee from Congo at a random McDonalds (on purpose), and drove home; at which point my wife left to go to a baby… Continue reading A Bizzaro Birthday: Ageism & A Congolese Refugee